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Product Name:
Lordplex Film Faced Plywood
500 - 1999 Pieces $13.50
Qing Dao
WBP Phenolic
Place of Origin:
Shandong, China
>500 Pieces

Detailed introduction


Product NameLordplex Film Faced Plywood
F/BBlack film, brown film, red film
CoreHardwood, poplar,birch, pine, combi , and so on
GlueWBP phenolic
Specification1220x2440mm, 1250x2500mm
Moisture Content8-10%
PaymentT/T, 30% irrevocable LC
Delivery TimeWithin 20 days after order confirmed
RemarksTop class equipment with top class produce technique;
Credit first, fair trading


Lordplex film faced plywoodlordplex film faced plywood manufacturer


lordplex film faced plywood

What is film faced plywood?

Film-coated plywood, as the name implies, is to attach a layer of film to the surface of the plywood after the plywood is finished.

Lordplex film faced plywood is to glue a layer of Dynea Brown film on the surface of plywood made of eucalyptus wood with WBP Phenolic glue.

Advantages of film faced plywood

Large format: The largest format is 2440*1220, 915*1830mm, which reduces the number of seams and improves the efficiency of mold support. No warpage, no deformation, no cracking, good water resistance and high turnover. Demoulding is easy, only 1/7 of the steel mold.

Light weight: easier to use in high-rise buildings and bridge construction.

Many times of use: It can be used repeatedly for more than 12 times under the correct storage conditions.

Concrete pouring: the surface of the pouring object is smooth and beautiful, minus the secondary plastering process of the wall, it can be directly veneered

Good thermal insulation: it is good for winter construction and can be used as a flat template with a curved surface.

Corrosion resistance: does not pollute the concrete surface.



CHANTA GROUP and the Environment

Chanta Group recognises that we have a responsibility to the environment, and endeavour to carry out every aspect of our business in ways which are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Our commitment to environmental policy is demonstrated by our FSC® chain of custody which is awarded to Companies who can demonstrate that their products contain wood from well managed forests. This is an independent certification and International Plywood has held chain-of-custody allowing us to sell FSC Certified Plywood and Timber Products as a part of our stock range since 2015.

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